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Experience the purifying aroma of my White Sage Incense Cones. Made from sacred white sage leaves, these cones emit a rich, earthy fragrance, perfect for cleansing rituals and creating a serene atmosphere.  Discover the power of this ancient herb and enjoy its soothing scent for relaxation and spiritual balance.  Choose sustainably sourced options to honor the sacredness of white sage.

White Sage Incense Cones

SKU: 0033
  • My white sage incense cones are made from all natural ingredients and hand crafted.

  • 100 % WHITE SAGE (SALVIA APIANA) White sage has calcium, vitamins K & B6, iron, and protein.

    White Sage is a very popular herb for cleansing and clearing bad and foul odors. It is also used in purification and cleansing rituals to take away negativity.

    Light incense cones at the tip. Allow incense to remain lit until the incense itself creates it own self fuling ember (it will have an orange glow). Blow out the flame. Incense cones stand on their base and will continue to release a like smoke. AVOID holding the tip of the cone as the ember continues to fuel the incense.

    Tip. Incense will burn down to ash, place incense to burn on a ceramic plate or in an incense holder and avoid the mess!

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