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  • Are all your products organic?
    Yes. Every product, handmade or crafted, at As It Is Natural Products contain 100% organic ingredients.
  • Do you add perfumes to your soaps or candles?
    No. My products are never compromised with perfumes or any other additives.
  • Can I use your products for medicinal purposes?
    My products are filled with natural herbs and ingredients, all of which have a range of uses. However, I am not a medical practitioner, nor naturopathic doctor, and cannot diagnose, treat or recommend any product for medicinal purposes. Please speak with a medical professional should you need any medical advice. See also my Disclaimer and more on my Ingredients.
  • Do you ship outside of the U.S?
    No. At this time I do not ship outside of the United States. I am hoping to offer my products internationally soon.
  • Are your products available in-store?
    At the moment As It Is Natural Products is an online store. I do however attend several farmers markets during the year and my products are available on the shelf, for a limited time in the Virginia Beach area. Please follow me on Instagram and see where you can pick up your favs in person!
  • Do you sell essential oils?
    At the moment no, but I will be very soon.
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