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As It Is Natural Products Soap

Natural Products for the Mind, Body & Soul

As It Is Natural Products was founded in 2022 with the intention of providing handcrafted, natural products for your mind, body and soul.


My products are made with only the finest natural ingredients, some personally harvested and others sustainably sourced. All oils are homemade and infused with 100% sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil or blackseed oil.  All salves are made from the infused oils and then combined with homemade beeswax which is rendered from the beehive by yours truly.  My white sage incense cones are made with the finest binding powders that brings out their incredible aroma when burned.


As It Is Natural Products, all 100% natural ingredients every time. No Compromises.

Who Is Anna?

Hi, let's get to know the lady behind your favorite organic fusions and salves by As It Is Natural Products. Me!

Hello, my name is Anna, and I have been a passionate traveling massage therapist for over 19 years.  My innate gifts have brought many to my massage table, earning me the title of being known as "The Body Whisperer". 

I have focused my creative intentions into many ventures, one of which is my invention of the "Walk N Stroll Buggy". With a 20-year patent, my "Walk N Stroll Buggy" is a multifunctional baby stroller which converts into a baby walker.  I am a published author of "Memoirs of The Soul Searcher", where I expose 10 years of my life while living abroad in the Middle East.  I love to travel and have been blessed to see a few places on this wonderful planet.

I have been described as tenacious, optimistic and inspirational, who lends my insight and empathy to everything that I do; hence, As It Is Natural Products was birthed.

In 2022, I embarked on a new quest of studying herbalism. With my new love and passion overflowing, I began to understand how Mother Earth's plants and herbs have healing powers, positively benefitting our overall wellness.   I began to cultivate my very first garden while expanding my knowledge of our phenomenal mycelium network and how everything under and above the soil connects with life as it is. 


Being curious about certain herbs and plants, I began infusing them and making salves by rendering my own beeswax from local apiary farms. I also started making other products like tinctures, soaps and incense cones.  

So that is me, Anna, your creator of As It Is Natural Products. Browse my range of products, learn their uses and benefits and enjoy nourishing and loving your body, mind and soul naturally.

"There is nothing more rewarding than gifting your body, mind and soul natural products that heal and honor your body and the environment."  
Facial Oil

What People Are Saying

Good day, I want to tell you about a miracle. I have been suffering with on and off toe nail fungus for several years. I have tried having my nail removed surgically. Using over the counter products. And cutting the nail down. Nothing that I applied to stop the fungus on my toe nail has ever worked. I began using Anna's eucalyptus drops. At first it stung a little but after using it for a couple of weeks that stopped. I have been using the eucalyptus for three months. I have watched my toenail clear up from the root up. It looks amazing and very healthy. I am very pleased with Anna's eucalyptus drops. The results are pleasing to the eyes. Thank you Anna!!!


Jeanette M.

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