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Indulge in the goodness of all-natural coconut flour. Made from pure, organic coconuts, my flour is a gluten-free and nutrient-rich alternative for baking and cooking. Unlock a world of delicious possibilities with my versatile coconut flour and experience the irresistible taste and health benefits it brings to your culinary creations.

Coconut Flour

SKU: 0008
  • As It Is Natural Products coconut flour is 100% organic and each bag is handmade to perfection with quality tropical coconuts.

  • COCONUT – COCONUT PALM (COCOS NUCIFERA) Coconut contains ZERO cholesterol, fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins C & B-6, iron and magnesium.

    COCONUT FLOUR: made from fresh coconut meat, grinded and baked from the pulp.

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